Therapy Restores Psychological Health After Abuse

Sexual abuse during childhood can have an effect on neurological development.

The article covers the neurological impacts of sexual abuse during childhood. Apart from providing examples of consequences such events may have on the brain development, the article stresses that many of the brain changes associated with childhood abuse can be reversed.

Fast Quotes:

I feel like there was a version of me that disappeared the day I was abused for the first time,” Danielle [a survivor]explains.

“While it has long been known that the childhood trauma of sexual abuse can have long-lasting emotional and behavioral repercussions, the mental health community is now coming to increasingly recognize that many of these repercussions are the product of changes in the brain brought on by that trauma.”

“Simply stated, children reflect the world in which they are raised,” explains Dr. Perry[a childhood trauma specialist]. “If that world is characterized by threat, chaos, unpredictability, fear, and trauma, the brain will reflect that.”


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