Since 2002, Innocence in Danger has welcomed child victims of sexual abuse to their resilience retreats. During their stay the children broaden their horizons: they discover new passions, develop their artistic talents, play sports and attend cultural events. By offering them emotional support and encouraging them to reconnect with others, our teams sow the seeds of reconstruction and hope. These trips take place in Colombia, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

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Our mission is to enable researchers to study and measure the physical, psychological and economic impacts on victims of sexual assault and on society as a whole. Our research grants are dedicated to measuring the negative impact of sexual violence on our society, as well as the positive impact of prevention programmes and therapies. The results of these studies will be tools that will strengthen current control measures to prevent violence, facilitate access to justice for victims and heal their wounds.

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The subject of sexual abuse remains taboo. Victims remain silent. Predators operate with impunity. Innocence in Danger works to prevent child abuse and to raise awareness about this scourge.

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